Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Uttariya Dress in India

Uttariya costume can be worn in many ways as per the comfort of its wearer. The Indian outfit looks really beautiful.

Uttariya is a piece of cloth worn by both men and women. It looks like a scarf and comes down from the backside of the neck curling around the arms. It is also used to drape upper part of the body. Uttariya is commonly made of cotton. The costume is mainly worn in the Eastern and the Southern parts of India. These days, Uttariya is also draped over shirts.

The clothing was commonly applied in arrangement with antariya, an old edition of dhoti adjusted properly with kayabandh or sash. This outfit can be a turban too. There is a Buddhist community called Lay brothers where antariya is worn extensively by people with a chadder in saffron colour.

Clothing styles of uttariya have been affected by the changes in climate conditions along with the obtainable raw materials. With the change in weaving patterns there are various kinds of clothing emerged. The main areas had mostly the unstitched garments while in some places you can find core and stitched garments. Animal skins, vegetable bark and woven yarns and felted fibbers were used. Decorative elements were added in fabric at the time of weaving. Indus Valley Civilisation also provided us indications of ancient textile production. That shows that the textile production in India is very old.

Without any doubt, uttariya has rejoiced a superior status in Indian tradition and culture. The special clothing appears fabulous in men and women. It also has strong relationship with the lifestyle of Indians.