Wednesday, July 9, 2014

While in Bucharest..


 I've been away these past few days and I took a little break from blogging and everything else related to the Internet and I have to say, it felt quite good. 
So while I was in Bucharest I managed to : 

 1. See Jared Leto perform, loose my voice and went deaf for a few hours after the concert - it was energetic and amazing, yes!
2. Eat all kinds of sweets, from huge frappes to smoothies and cheesecakes. 
3. Visit IOR park and saw a rat cutting our path - frightening moment indeed 
4. Buy the top I am wearing because I realised these pants did not match anything from my wardrobe. 
5. Realise that I am starting to miss less and less this city. 

 Don't get me wrong, I miss my friends over there and certain beautiful places, but to get to those places, you have to pass other "obstacles" so to say, like using the not so pretty subway and perhaps another bus, passing through creepy people and suffocating crowds, and all this hassle it's way too time consuming and certain parts of this city are just simply ugly. 
I think I refused to see all of this before, but while living in Cluj for the past two years, my vision has changed and though I am not certain where I want to live for the rest of my life (if it were by me, I would just travel all around the world) my attraction for this place has diminished considerably.
But I will still visit it from time to time, naturally.

  ior6ior9 ior3 ior4 ior5

At least I was wearing colors and prints, hooray!

Wearing: Zara pants and shoes, Pull&Bear top, vintage earrings

I will see you soon guys!