Thursday, August 28, 2014

20 items for easy transitioning into fall

A couple days ago it was sizzling hot and now the rain's been pouring non-stop for almost two days. Just like every year, again I'm totally unprepared for fall. I still have so many summer clothes I haven't worn and even though I've been checking out the fall collections, my autumn 2014 wardrobe is nowhere near complete. 

It's a good thing there are transitional clothes we can throw on top of our unworn crop tops and dresses and extend summer for a little longer. I definitely don't have enough of such items in my closet, so today I'm gonna decide whether I need a new trench coat or a gorgeous navy duster. I wouldn't mind a wool cape and a rain coat as well, they are such huge fall staples, so we'll see about that.

1. Asos Mac | 2. Asos Grey Mac  | 3. Asos Midi Mac | 4. Asos Cardigan
1. Asos navy duster coat | 2. Asos crepe coat | 3. Asos duster coat | 4. Asos hot pink coat
1. River Island fedora | 2. Asos fedora | 3. Catarzi floppy hat | 4. Asos wide brim hat
1. Asos striped cape | 2. Asos checked cape | 3. Asos cape | 4. Asos burgundy cape
1. Asos rain coat in polka dot | 2. Asos rain coat with sporty stripes | 3. Asos rain coat in yellow | 4. Asos rain coat in pink

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