Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Basics at J.Crew B&M Stores Being Phased Out?

"Thanks!" to Doodle Daschund (in this post), who let us know the following:
Not a review, but I was told in store the other day that basics like pencil skirts, jackie cardigans, matchstick jeans, etc will no longer be stocked in the stores. These will be online items only. They gave me more examples of the items but I just can't remember. They say it is to make room for more merchandise in the stores. They think since everyone is familiar with their basics, they will just be able to order them and they will no longer stock them. I think that is sad. Sometimes you need a basic item and don't have time to wait for it to be shipped. I was also told that the stores do still have some sale items but they are now 25% off. Doesn't matter to me because right now, they have nothing I want.

...I agree it is very weird but the SA had a little book that she read it from. I think it was training material for the staff, not anything we would see. They were shocked as well.

Well this is disappointing news! I am surprised that J.Crew would make it harder to purchase their well-loved basics. Ugh.

Personally, I like being able to touch and try on the items in person. Even though I am pretty consistent size-wise at J.Crew (like 99% of the time), there is always an odd piece that I have to size up or down in. Moreover, some pieces don't share the same color as their online counterparts. Seeing in person helps me determine this without having to buy and return.

It feels like this move is in response to the massive numbers in sale we have seen in stores and online recently. I don't think giving more floor space to merchandise that is not selling is the answer. Giving more floor space to merchandise that *is* selling, like the Jackie Cardigans, is. 

P.S. The image above is from an email sent back in 2009. Minus the messy hair, the outfit is super cute and totally wearable today!

What are your thoughts on J.Crew's basics moving from stores to online only? Has your local B&M store transitioned away from basics? If so, please share!