Saturday, August 2, 2014




1. an inclination to or habit of retreating from unpleasant or unacceptable reality, as through diversion or fantasy

Told you I need a getaway from the city didn't I?
Well, I am not in search of a fantastic scenario, I can play video games for that, but I am not that fond of them. Or I could try to daydream until I lose my mind to frustration.
But instead I go to little places of wilderness and think about life during a wonderful sunset.
And planning a vacation. A real one. One that does not include unicorns or mermaids (although that would be fun)..

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I am so fond of this cute little top I got from TBDress recently! I mean, I just love the print and the flowy style, just perfect for insanely hot days and of course what else than floral print? That will never change.

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Wearing: Stradivarius shorts, top from HERE, vintage bag, random brand bracelets, Zara sandals.

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