Thursday, August 14, 2014

In Focus: Christopher Matecki, Body Shots 2014 Winner

In just one one month, my post about Christopher Matecki’s victory in Body Shots Philippines 2014 entered into the 10th spot of my most visited blog posts. So I just think it right to make a follow up post on him.

Sin, Chistopher’s nickname, is 6 foot tall newcomer in the modeling world. His fresh persona and endearing face easily won him the title of Body Shots Philippines 2014. He is a huggable kind of stud, with the packs and curves in the right places.  He is from Australia and he came to the Philippines just for a vacation and found himself being eased into the modeling world. He was so overjoyed that he came out on top of modeling competition, even edging bikini model Jhon Mark Marcia.


So, we now all know that he is from Australia. Having said that, sorry guys, he cannot represent the Philippines in any international male pageant. But I’m happy he is here. I’m a fan!