Saturday, August 2, 2014

Is there a Scandal in Face and Body Quest 2014?

Recently, I am bombarded with messages from certain people who are complaining about the recently-concluded Face and Body 2014. This is kind of surprising because the organizers made a superb marketing about their pageant. They event posted great photos online, making me believe that it was a top of the class kind of modeling event.

Let me be clear that I have not yet heard from the organizers. They did not also post any explanation on facebook. Should they also be interested to air out their side, this blog is more than willing to accommodate them for their OFFICIAL STATEMENT.

Now, what are the complaints against them?

The eventual male winner only joined the rehearsal on the last minute and he doesn’t have pictorials. Thefemale winner was also absent in many rehearsals. MY TAKE: Favoritism? I think this is a common complain. I sometimes hear rants like these even international competitions, like Miss Universe. However, my sources said that attitude comprises 30% of the competition. The winners might have superbly performed well in other areas that they were able to compensate for their lapses and non-presence during the rehearsals. In the end, only the organizers can really explain the mechanics of their pageant.

The eventual male winner was rumored to be the “jowa” of the board of Judges named Doc Dizon.MY TAKE: I don’t believe that the winner is into a relationship with Doc Dizon. I have followed his pageant career and I am convinced that what he achieves today is something of his own blood, sweat and merit. From the beginning in his town in Bulacan, he has been joining quality pageants. Hindi nga ito sumasabak sa mga garapalang bikini open eh. Meaning, may class itong nanalo! On the other hand, I really have nothing against their relationship kung sila man. However, if I am Doc Dizon and my “jowa” is one of the candidates, I will not sit as one of the judges because I have delicadeza. Also, the rule always applies: it is not the winner’s  fault that he wins. So, let us be kind to the winner. Let us wait for Doc Dizon to speak up. This blog is open for his side.

It was announced that there was a consolacion prize but it turned out to be nothing.  MY TAKE: Last Tuesday, some of the candidates, some of them from as far as Cavite, went to the organizers to get their well-deserved consolation prize, only to be told that there was nothing for them in the budget. Ouch! This is too much.

Here’s the bomb: One source said that the eventual winner did not receive 50 thousand, as the organizers promised. MY TAKE: If this is true, what do you call it? Fifty percent discount? The winner received 25,000.

There was no discount or profit share in the ticket selling. There were no complementary tickets. MY TAKE: Every ticket costs 500 pesos each. Every organizer of a pageant has the prerogative what to do with his pageant. In terms of ticket sales, these things should be discussed beforehand and it should be made clear right from the beginning of the pageant. Perhaps the organizers did not  explain it very well. My source told me that each candidate must have to sell 5 tickets in order to receive a consolation prize. However, even those who have complied did not receive anything. My friend even reacted, “kawawa lang ang mga handlers, lalo na mga alaga na walang napala.”

Some swimwears were slimfit while others were a little loosed. MY TAKE: This makes me laugh. LOL.

Addendum: The organizers of Face and Body 2014 is said to be coming up with two another pageants: Mister Young Philippines and (something). They must come out to clear their name, or else they might run the risk of not having candidates at all.