Thursday, August 7, 2014

J.Crew Declares: "This + that + this = genius outfit"

J.Crew sent out an email this morning that features an outfit that J.Crew proudly declares "genius".

The look even has its very own mathematically equation: "short cardigan + long shirt + short shorts = proportion play at its very best." Is it? Is it really?

The whole look seems sloppy. Now it might be the angle of the photo, but it all looks off. The shirt seems way too long for those shorts. People are going to think the model is wearing no pants at all. Well, if they are standing to the left of her anyways... ;) And the shorts are cuffed weird. It's folded twice at one point and only once on the side.

The outfit has promise, but it needs better execution. Just swap out the shorts for a pair of skinny jeans and leave the shirt alone.

I guess my main issue is that J.Crew stylists are not wowing me. They need to step up their game and offer truly genius outfits.

What are your thoughts on the look? Would you wear it as is? How would you wear the items shown above?