Monday, August 11, 2014

J.Crew No Longer Offers Charge-Send Orders {via phone}

"Thanks!" to st (in this post), who let us know the following:
I was told the following about charge and send orders by a J.Crew VPS:

"Regarding send-sell orders, stores no longer take orders over the phone per security reasons."

I had tried to order the Evie metallic sandals from a Georgia store since they're much cheaper there than online. The stores I go to in NJ don't carry them. I called the GA store about a week ago, but they refused to sell them to me because of security reasons. I offered my JC Credit card number which could be verified with my billing/shipping address, but they refused. Then I contacted an online VPS. Has anyone else heard this? 
"Thanks!" to WellFedFred (in this post), who responded with the following:
Yes, about a year and a half ago from the Short Hills, NJ store. Utter nonsense, what's the security issue in sending merch to MY SHIPPING ADDRESS WHICH IS THE SAME AS MY BILLING ADDRESS ON MY JC ACCOUNT WHICH YOU CAN GET OFF YOUR ANATOMY AND LOOK UP TO VERIFY 

Well as you can tell the conversation didn't end pleasantly.
Well I am sad to hear about this news! I always appreciated being able to purchase an item that was no longer available online or at my local store through charge/sends.

I can completely understand J.Crew's position in wanting to protect customers. However, I wonder if there is a way to perhaps link store charge/sends with customers online profiles? After all, it would make customers happy and allow J.Crew to actually sell their merchandise. :)

What are your thoughts on J.Crew's move to eliminate charge/sends? Please share!