Monday, August 4, 2014

J.Crew Realizes Love For Cece {it's coming back!}

As mentioned in the "J.Crew Dumps Cece for Emma!" post, J.Crew dropped the Cece Ballet Flat from their line. As mentioned in that post, as well as in the "J.Crew Listens To Customer To Bring Back A Favorite" post, I was disappointed by that decision. (It's was a stupid move, IMHO.)
"Thanks!" to jnmullings (in this post), who let us know that J.Crew plans on bringing back the Cece Ballet Flats:
This is what my VPS told me earlier today: 

"We’re such a feedback-based company, and love to hear where we’re spot on and missing the mark. I have some great news for you—we’re bringing back the Cece Flats! I don’t have specifics on when they’ll debut quite yet, but they’ll be coming back for fall and will be online only. ...we’re bringing back the Cece’s due to all of the feedback we received,... " 

I'm super pleased to hear J.Crew is bringing the Cece back. The Emma just didn't work for me. I told my VPS that the difference between Ceces and Emmas is like the difference between cashmere and polyester. Can't wait to see what the colours will be. Speaking of cashmere...there are no cashmere tippi's on the website, which is very odd!
Huzzah, this is wonderful news indeed! I am thrilled to see the Cece Ballet Flats will be back at J.Crew. Especially since I did not care for the Emma Ballet Flats at all. Not. At. All.

Although, it is interesting that J.Crew is offering them online only. It is probably to gauge interest in the item. Which is a smart move. I have no doubt they will sell well too. (Although I would like it if they sold them in stores too, so I could see before buying. But I will take, what I can get!)

Are you excited about Cece's return to J.Crew? Did you think J.Crew was going to bring them back? Are there any other items you like to return to J.Crew?