Wednesday, August 20, 2014

J.Crew Updates Website with New Arrivals!

"Thanks!" to many of you, including Melissa@AllThingsSimplified & Wendy (in this post), who let us know that J.Crew had an update to its website (click here to view online).

There are some new arrivals for men (click here) & women (click here). {wahoo!} It looks like Crewcuts (click here) has been updated, but not the J.Crew Collection (click here).

The AUGUST catalog (click here to view) is still up. However, the latest SEPTEMBER catalog is not. As mentioned by several JCAs, J.Crew posted several images of the newest catalog over at Pinterest (click here to view).

This time around I was able to find a lot more items I am excited about. My top picks are:

Polka-dot flannel shirt (item B0958; $88.00): I don't need another polka dot button down. However this one looks super nice and super cozy. Perfect for Fall!
Shattered print dress (item B0080; $138.00): I love the print and length on this skirt. I can't wait to try this one on!

Sophie Plaid loafers (item A9808; $138.00): Just look at them, the plaid print is gorgeous!!!

Two-floral scarf (item B4114; $55.00): The print, with the pop of royal blue trim, is so beautiful and screams Fall to me. This one is mine!

Can I just address the issue about skirts. I have been complaining for quite some time about the need for some more lovely-print, knee-length skirts from J.Crew. I don't care for the pleated versions they have been rolling out lately (pleats are trouble for me to maintain). The only skirt I bought in the past year from J.Crew was the Patio Skirt in Photo Floral. More of those types, pretty please!

Also, J.Crew is offering 25% off select styles with promo code SHOPNOW. Items online will be marked "25% Off With Code SHOPNOW" on the item page. This offer expires August 25, 2014. There will also be free shipping on all orders placed today too! This offer expires today, August 20, 2014.

"Thanks!" to Wendy (in this post),who let us know that J.Crew credit card holding customers can take an additional 20% off Crewcuts items using promo code CARDSHOP. Customers need to use a J.Crew credit card as payment for the code to work. This offer expires September 15, 2014.

What items are you most excited about and why? Which items are you surprised (or not surprised) to see? Which items did you hope would be included? Were you expecting a bigger roll-out? Also, did you receive the latest catalog? :)