Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Last day of Summer

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 Summer, in my town, decided to leave. She decided it was too boring and wanted to move early to the Southern hemisphere. Just when I wanted to go to the pool today... Now I have to think of other things to do, because since 9 AM I could only see the sky filled with clouds and the air felt like that fresh September air I usually crave for. But not now! And the weather forecast does not show any kind of improvement, so, goodbye Summer!
 Yesterday was sunny and nice, unlike today, I am glad that at least I got to wear my chiffon flare pants for one last time, because these are not fit for Autumn in my opinion (mmmmaybe with a different print or color). I must go and drink my morning coffee, perhaps this will cheer me up a bit.

 I hope Summer still exists where you people are!

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Wearing: Zara pants, Atmosphere top, sandals, random brand bracelets, H&M rings.