Saturday, August 9, 2014

Maxi love

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 I don't know what I love most: maxi skirts or maxi dresses.
 The fact is that a dress is easier to wear since you don't have to consider what to wear on the upper part of your body, sometimes that can be a hassle, sometimes it can be fun to mix and match. Another fact is that I have about..two maxi skirts and I feel the need to add more to my wardrobe, because...why not? This one - which was actually a dress but I cut it and another one I made myself long a go. 
I never seemed to find a proper one, because: 

 1. They are either too short and look ridiculous. 
2. They are too transparent and of poor quality. 

 Can't have them all in this fast-fashion industry, right? 
 And it seems that lately I have a thing for pink, which is weird..

 Have a wonderful weekends, lovelies!

 Wearing: no name skirt, Pull&Bear top, H&M sunglasses, sandals, random brand bracelets and bag, Sheinside earrings.