Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer is not my favorite..

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 I think I complained before about taking photos in 1000 degrees Celsius in the middle of the day. If not, I am telling you again that I find it to be a pain. I can't even look at the camera properly. I could not even look at the photos properly because I was so anxious to get it over already. Only during the weekends I can take photos in the evening because of my job, and that is something I have to live with for now.
 I would much reather swim or stay inside the house when Hell decides to come on the surface; but I do miss taking photos and I was really excited by this skirt I found in a thrift shop recently and I wanted to show it to the world; that at least calmed my nerves. And a giant size frappe as well afterwards. And a very cold shower once I got home.

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Wearing: Thrifted skirt, Pinkie top, vitnage bag and belt, H&M rings, shoes Meli Melo earrings, necklace from HERE