Monday, August 25, 2014

VMA's 2014 Red Hot Sex Sells Fashion

VMA's 2014 Red Hot Fashion | The Luxe Gen
Starlets come out for the VMA's and bring their fashion sense with them!
Today's post is in honor of some of the hottest babes on the red carpet last night. Blowing kisses, exposing sexy legs and making a huge hit in the color RED.

Did you KNOW?

The most emotionally intense color, red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing. The color of love but also red used to be associated with ROYALTY. The dye used to create the color red was extremely expensive, so only the noblest cold afford to wear the hue.

The color red is supposed to bring happiness, positivity, good luck and even fertility. Representing all of those good things embedded with a rich history (literally!) so, without further ado my favorite red designs from last night.

Makeover Monday at The Luxe Gen | Red Hot Fashion

Favorite red dresses that are undeniably show stoppers (not from the VMA's):

Red Hot Fashion | The Luxe Gen

Red Hot Fashion 2014 | The Luxe Gen

Red Hot Fashion 2014 | The Luxe Gen

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And don't forget my Shiny Happy People - When in doubt....wear red!!