Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What I Heart at Madewell

"Thanks!" to Catherine (in this post), who came up with a great post topic:
Hi Alexis, can you share some of your favorite styles? And do they run true to size? I am liking more and more their clothes, but have found in the past they run too small...
It's no secret, but I have been coming around on the Madewell bandwagon. When J.Crew first introduced their sister store, I thought, "that's nice". However, I never felt the clothes were really for me. I could always manage to find one or two items, but it was definitely not a go-to store. Well, things have changed. Lately, I have been turning to Madewell *instead* of J.Crew. I know, I know... scandalous! ;)

I thought I would pick a few items that represent the reason why I think Madewell is pretty awesome.

The first item is Madewell's Skinny Skinny Jeans in Nightfall (item A2279). I never thought Madewell's jeans were that great, especially since that was their "thing" from the very beginning. However, consider me a believer this year. They are blowing the competition out of the water with all their styles and fits. The Skinny Skinny Jeans in Nightfall are the *most* comfortable pair of jeans I ever owned. They also look great after multiple washes and don't sag out after long periods of wear. No joke, I bought a back up pair just in case. ;)

The next item is the Outbound Jacket (item 42249). This jacket is the kind of item that looks great on anyone and everyone! The cotton is both sturdy and soft (sounds weird, I know) that makes it feel like it is well-worn and will last forever (sounds weird again, I know!) The jacket looks so amazing thanks to its gorgeous collar (you just have to try it on to see how great it frames the face).

I should start off by saying that I own J.Crew's Downing Tote in English Saddle and I adore it! It's an absolutely gorgeous bag and I get compliments on it all the time. However, I really wanted a darker version too. I wasn't feeling the Downing Tote's Navy option so I turned to Madewell's the Transport Tote in Navy (item A8097) instead. The bag is a great size (just like the Downing Tote) that literally allows you to carry everything without feeling like you are carrying everything (the bag is so refreshingly light!) Plus, it has an attached zippered pocket that is actually roomy enough to carry keys or a phone (something the Downing Tote does not offer). I know it's a simple bag, but I really feel like it is one of those bags that will stand the test of fashion times.

As far as sizing goes... I think Madewell is all over the place. I am way more consistent in J.Crew's offerings than in Madewell. When it comes to Madewell, I am pretty much a size 2 or extra small in dresses, but I vary wildly in jeans (anywhere from 27 to my normal 29). I rely heavily on customers' online reviews to get a sense of what size I should get. Thank goodness those are there too!

UPDATE: Madewell is offering 20% off select styles using promo code HOTANDCOOL. This offer expires August 25, 2014.

What are a few things that you love from Madewell? Are you loving Madewell more lately? Please share! :)