Monday, September 8, 2014

Escape the city...into a different one.

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 This Sunday we decided to get out of the city to explore a new one nearby (actually I had no idea of this, it came as a surprise, so it was quite a spontaneous thing, which was nice).
 It appeared the good weather was on our side so the day turned out to be a lovely one. We visited Botosani, not a famous city from our country but nonetheless, lovely and it was close to my hometown and what the heck, I never seen it properly before. 

We started the day boating on the cute little lake in the park and we continued visiting toward downtown. I knew tere was an old city somewhere and I really wanted to see it because a person who has an ongoing crush for historical buildings will always be attracted to that. So we went there and I was surprised to see how few people were not only there but in the whole city as well. "Too bad" I thought, because it is a beautiful area that reminded me of Sibiu a bit; but the city was numb as my own hometown as if it was waiting for some event to show up and stir things up a bit. 
We ended the day with a film at the cinema which was delightful and then we went straight home with pleasant memories in our minds. Peaceful days like these are the ones that I'm looking forward the most.

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How cute were these suspended umbrellas?

A new week has begun and I am still thinking of past and future trips. 
Have a lovely week guys!

Wearing: Tshirt factory top, thrifted skirt, H&M shoes, no name bag.