Monday, September 8, 2014

J.Crew's Fashion Week Sneak Peeks

J.Crew is already getting ready for Fashion Week. There are a few posts about this event over at J.Crew's own 770 blog (" The Dos and Donts of Women’s Casting" and "Men’s Casting Call"). All the photos in this post come from J.Crew's blog.

There is also an article over at USA Today (click here to read in its entirety) about it with matching video too:
Sneak peek: J.Crew's spring collection
By Carly Mallenbaum
September 8, 2014

Didn't nab an invite to the J. Crew show at New York Fashion Week? Not to worry. USA TODAY has a sneak peek at the J. Crew spring looks that will launch Tuesday in New York and hit stores across the country next year.

"We looked at a French Mediterranean fishing village" while designing the spring line, says Frank Muytjens, head of J.Crew men's design. He observed the way fishermen "mend their nets, how they sit on the dock in their gear, what they wear (and how) it gets old and tattered." For the collection, that translated into "dusty pastels" and "lots of navies, blues and washed-out denims" reminiscent of the ocean.

One particular look pairs a fresh Japanese indigo chambray pant with a classic shawl-collared cardigan. The tapered pants could also be worn with a full suit, or just with a T-shirt and white sneakers, Muytjens says. The cardigan, which is made of dry hand cotton, is meant for everything from a day at the office to a night on the beach.

The collection offers "the high and low, the mix of something something weathered with something clean and new-looking.

Tom Mora, head of J. Crew women's design, tried to bring the same "happy energy" that he felt while visiting Peru and Mexico, to his collection. "You eat late and you wear the same thing that you wore to the beach, to dinner," he says. The looks combine khakis, indigo, mossy greens, whites and pops of yellow; with linen, "couture mesh" and menswear-inspired blazers and pants. "It's casual and it also has a little bit of glamour."

The quirky sequined shorts seem to fit that the laidback vibe. "You can't feel uptight when you're wearing them," Mora says. The shorts, which have a drawstring, are made for slouching. Mora pairs them with a"new version of a jean jacket" that has a high-low hem. "It's the most beautiful vivid blue that reminds me of the ocean," he says of the jacket.

Mora says his clothes should feel "like taking a deep breath and letting it out."

When it comes to the Men's Collection... perfection. Even Frank's quote about the high low feels spot on. Is it weird that I am pulling ideas from their side to style myself? ;)

Now for the Women's side... I like the color scheme for the upcoming collection, with the khaki, greens and pops of yellow. Also, I love that table full of jewelry pieces. I just wanted to help myself to some!

I do have to address the sequined shorts... really? The sequined pattern is beautiful, lovely for a special event. However, the shorts aspect brings it down to casual. So I am not sure where it would be appropriate to wear. Too bad it was not a skirt.

J.Crew's Spring/Summer 2015 presentation is scheduled for September 9th during New York Fashion Week. You can also search #jcrewnyfw for of-the-moment updates on the show.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming collection? Are you excited about any piece in particular?