Tuesday, September 30, 2014


GIORGIO ARMANI Beauty Sì Eau de Perfume

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If you read my blog on regular basis, you may already know what a big Armani admirer I am, which is why I am so proud to introduce you to one of my favorite fragrances - Sì by Giorgio Armani.  

To me, a perfume is more than just a trail of scent you leave behind as you go through life, but rather a signature, something that is uniquely you, something that says more about you and your style than perhaps any piece of clothing or a pair of shoes can. Though I've used many perfumes over the years, none of them captured my imagination quite like Armani Sì. Delicate and sophisticated, strong yet particularly feminine, to me, Sì is a perfect balance of elegance and sensuality. 

Maje colorblock dress

GIORGIO ARMANI Beauty Rouge Ecstasy in Flesh

GIORGIO ARMANI Beauty Sì Eau de Perfume

GIORGIO ARMANI Beauty Sì Eau de Perfume, Fluid Sheer in # 5 on cheeks & Rouge Ecstasy in Flesh on lips | Maje colorblock dress 

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