Sunday, September 28, 2014

With Ralph Lauren on a walk


 Got you interested didn't I? 
Well, not with the intention to be mean, but only to brag about the skirt I'm wearing, by the one and only Ralph Lauren, I found this Summer in a thrift shop. So for only 3 euros I get too look pretty and chic and I get to stroll around the city with pride. 
Man, I've always wanted a skirt like this, the length is perfect, the cut is amazing, it fits me unbelievably well and the fabric is simple but it does it's job! And the neutral color allows you to wear it with so many other colors and create lots of styles. So, yes, I scored big time and I'm still amazed.

 In the meantime, Fall came in fast, but it's still sunny and warm and I love that, until you get to freeze in the evenings; but that can change as long as you have good company and a delicious cup of tea by your side. Oh ... can't wait for hot chocolates and gingerbread cookies, yum!
But those are for a more colder season..

Have a lovely Sunday guys!

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Wearing: vintage Polo Ralph Lauren skirt, Bershka skirt, Zara jacket, bag, shoes, Zara necklace.