Friday, October 31, 2014


I've always been active. Growing up in a house with 2 very fitness-oriented parents, being active was pretty much a given. Yet, after moving to California about 9 years ago, I struggled to find an activity I could really enjoy on regular basis. I've tried a few different things like running and hiking for example, and for a while I was really captivated by both. But I get bored easily and once the novelty an excitement ware off, I feel trapped in a fitness routine. Well, that was the case until I discovered biking! Biking is never boring to me! I feel equally excited every time I bike and unlike with most other activities, given a chance, I could go for hours and hours. Seriously, if you guys haven't tried it, I really recommend it! 

The one thing I discovered was if you spend hours and hours outside, you really have to be diligent about using sunscreen. I have to confess, I haven't always been as good as I should be about wearing sun protection, and after riding for about six months, started noticing some sun damage on my nose and cheeks. So now, I use sunblock religiously and never leave home without it. 

Currently, I am using Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration face lotion SPF 30 on my face. I love this particular one because aside from the fact that it smells amazing ( think exotic botanicals and light tropical fragrance), it's water resistant (up to 80 minutes) and keeps the skin moisturized without feeling heavy or clogging pores. I am also using Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Ultra Touch Radiance Lotion Sunscreen SPF 30 on my body. Another current favorite, I love this product because it protects my skin, while keeping it really soft. The fact that it also happens to be water resistant (up to 80 minutes) is a bonus ( definitely comes in handy on my frequent trips to Palm Springs for some serious pool time). 

It's important to make sure that you are reapplying your sunscreen every two hours to ensure that you are properly protected. Of course, I also find myself consistently reapplying simply because I am just  little addicted to the fragrance and how luminous my skin looks after application :)

RED Valentino Lips jersey tee | Denim shorts - old { similar here } | Gucci Soho leather disco bag | Scarmo leather slip on sneakers via Gregory's J Crew Panama hat | Samantha Wills Ruby Tuesday cuff in silver & Moonlight mile cuff in silver

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Thursday, October 30, 2014


ESPRIT blouse
DIESEL jacket
LINDEX pants
ZARA loafers

The outfit was shot a few days ago when the light was really bad and it rained. I gave the pictures another chance and now they turned out pretty ok. 
This blouse has a cool girly vibe and a great embroidery that doesn't show in these pictures as well as it could. Even though I'm definitely not the girliest girl, it gets ten points from me. 

in collaboration with Esprit Porvoo

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Good morning, Everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your week! So, it's been exactly 2 weeks since my hair make-over and since I started using Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair System. Because I promised I will keep you posted on my progress, I would like to take this opportunity to talk to you a little bit about my current haircare routine and my new found love and respect of my hair:)  

As I have mentioned before, I put my hair through quite a bit of abuse this summer. In fact, I put it through so much abuse, by the end of August my hair was looking dry, brittle and brassy. Two weeks ago, I realized I can no longer go in public with my mane looking the way it did, so I turned to the professionals at Paul Mitchell. Aside from getting an amazing choppy bob, and a fresh color treatment. Lucie Doughty, Paul Mitchell's Editorial Director and the person responsible for the amazing color I am currently sporting, recommended a shade that is very similar to my natural color, but with much more dimension. 

Since I am absolutely crazy about my new color and want to keep it looking fresh for as long as possible, I've been using Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair System. So, without further ado, here is my step by step haircare routine at the moment. 

1. I wash my hair with Ultimate Color Repair Shampoo, concentrating on the roots. Completely sulfate-free, this shampoo contains reparative quinoa and nature-inspired ingredients to preserve hair color and combat damage. Super gentle and moisturizing, I just can't get over how much smoother and healthier my hair feels after each!

2. Next, I apply Ultimate Color Repair Conditioner, which is designed to lock in hair color and reverse the signs of damage. Normally, I like to leave it on for about 15 minutes but once a week or whenever I have a little more time, I like to use it as a deep conditioner and I leave it on for a little longer ( around 30 minutes ). 

3. Finally, once my hair is towel dried and ready for styling, I spray Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue spray, to protect my hair from heat styling, one of the primary causes of color fade. A little tip, I noticed this particular product separates very quickly. So to get full benefits, make sure you shake it well, before usage. 

Since I started using this system, I noticed that not only did it help preserve the color, but it also improved the health of my hair overall. My hair is much more shiny, manageable and easier to style. I am definitely planning to continue using this system and keep you guys posted on my progress! 

As always, if you guys have any questions, about products or styling, please feel free to email me anytime! 

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photos by Alexandra
ZARA coat
LUMI bag
BIKBOK jeans
ACNE shoes
KENZO bracelet

I saw some SS15 collections today and oh boy, I'm waiting for the spring already.

Monday, October 27, 2014

TO THE MAX :: stylelovingfashionista FOR DVF

Good morning, Everyone! I hope you are all had a wonderful weekend! If you read my blog on regular basis, you may remember last month I got a chance to partner with DVF to style one of my favorite items of clothing of all time - the wrap dress ( see post here ). Well, I am absolutely ecstatic to collaborate with DVF yet again to style a maxi version of the wrap dress! 

As I have mentioned before, one of the reasons why I love DVF wrap dresses so much aside of course from how flattering they are, is the fact that they move with your body. Whenever I wear a wrap dress, I feel like every step I take sets the skirt into motion, creating an illusion that it's floating around you in the most magical and graceful of ways. 

When it came to choosing which maxi wrap dress to style, it was definitely not an easy decision to make. I kept going back and forth between different color and print options, until I came across the dress I am wearing in today's post. I am sure you're not surprised given my weakness for certain shade of blue, but I think what attracted me the most to this specific dress was actually the print. Magical and dreamlike, something about this print reminded me of a beautiful, starry sky... Naturally,   it was love at first sight and I simply couldn't resist adding it to my wrap dress collection. Can you blame me?:) 

DVF Sonia silk jersey maxi gownGucci Victoire buckle sandals - sold out { similar options here & here } | Movado Bold crystal accent watch | IVI Vision Dusky sunglasses in Aqua Fede { similar option here } | Coordinates Legend bracelet

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I've stuck to my favorite beauty products for as long as I can remember. 
The only new "must keep using" is the lip protectant from Elizabeth Arden. I'm one of those who hate to change something that isn't broken. So I'll stick to these for as long as they do their job. 
Though I've also heard that change can sometimes be a good thing.

Winter breeze

zoo30 6 

 Can you believe how cold it is at the end of October??
 I was still hoping a few days ago that it will pass and sunny and warm days will appear once more, but when I learned that it snowed in certains parts of Romania, I thought "oh no...not a 5 month Winter!" The temperatures dropped considerably and one must adapt to the weather conditions (I still refuse to wear boots though). 
You can feel the cold Winter air piercing your lungs in every hour of the day and even though now it's sunny, I pray it won't snow any time soon here because really... I am not prepared for Winter yet. For now, hats will keep my head warm, fluffy cardigans and capes will cover me up nicely and soft scarves will help me pass the cold.

Are you ready for an early Winter?

  zoo30zoo30 3 zoo30 2 zoo30 7 zoo30 1 zoo30 5 

 Wearing: thrifted hat and shirt, Sheinside cardigan, New Yorker jeans, shoes, thrifted Primark bag, vintage scarf, Stradivarius sweater.


Friday, October 24, 2014


Good morning and happy Friday, Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful week! I guess you could say I came across a bit of a bump on the road to finding a perfect black tote. This bump being of course an even more perfect oversized Alexander McQueen bright orange duffel:) After a moment of hesitation, I decided that there is absolutely no reason why an orange tote couldn't work with all those outfits I was planning to wear with a black one. 

Well..., none that I could see at that particular moment, because to be quite frank, when I find a bag I like, especially in a really pretty color, reason and logic tend to go out the door:) But, I am happy to report I was right this time! After I took it home and tried it with a few outfits, I realized that bright orange adds a nice dose of color to my predominantly black outfits. What do you guys think? How do you feel about bright orange totes for Fall? 

Sandro Vitalic stucco print blazer | The Kooples SPORT leather & ponte knit track pants | TOPSHOP pumps - sold out { similar option here } | Alexander McQueen Padlock calfskin duffel bag { in red here, also love this smaller cobalt option } 

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ZARA belt
WEEKDAY culottes
LUMI bag
ZARA heels

I'm already thinking about photoshooting inside for the next six months. These minus degrees came much too soon. 

in collaboration with Esprit Porvoo