Saturday, October 11, 2014

Classic, simple, basic

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 Sometimes wearing the basic outfits when you have no idea what to wear anymore, is the best option. And if you include some cool accessories that stand out, even better! Speaking of which, I had some vintage clip earrings with me and by the time I got to make these photos I took them off because they were killing my ears. Midway through the photoshooting I realised I left my earrings in my bag and I did not had the time to remake all the photos I made up until that point. And I was so disappointed because the earrings were so pretty... 

Next time I will try to be more careful. I was even about to loose my sunglasses and the sweater I had with me that day too. 

The weather is shockingly beautiful this week and I can't wait to go outside and enjoy Autumn!
So, have a lovely weekends guys!

Wearing: thrifted skirt, Bershka shirt, bag, New Look shoes