Friday, October 3, 2014

Purple and blue for October


 It's been raining here for almost two days straight. Just when I decided to curl my hair and be all lady like. I am surprised it worked (not much for the curls though) as I usually am quite "meh" when it comes to dressing up in rainy weather. I always feel like wearing jeans and some sneakers not to ruin my fancy shoes - but sometimes exceptions can be made and luckily these white shoes ere not ruined. 
What can I say, Autumn came and it is staying. So is my melancholy and my "not-in-the-mood-to-do-anything" state. At least I can drink tons of tea and read books while gazing the rain outside from time to time - that is a lovely Autumn scenario for me.

 It's Friday (already!) Got any plans for the weekend?

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Wearing: Bershka shirt, skirt, Zara cardigan and earrings, New Look bag, Asos shoes.