Thursday, November 20, 2014

Simple pleasures

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 I've been thinking of both lavish and modest things that one can have in a life time. Of course, we all desire to have and to offer more and more and we sometimes feel tiny and useless when we don't accomplish what we wished, but we can also feel gratefeul and happy about the small pleasures than can happen unexpectedly. Like a warm sunset that can create beautiful colors in an Autumn landscape. Or a soft, cashmere cardigan that really keeps you warm during the annoying cold days. Or a piece of a delicious cake, one you never tried before. 
Not that I've become philosphical in the past week, but I had days when I though about my accomplishments and my failures ( I suppose being in your mid twenties gets you to think more and party less) and I also had days when I was simply too busy to think about this blog, but when I finally tried to edit these photos, my PC decided to breakdown (Karma maybe?) 
 Not being very active here doesn't mean I'm not social or ignorant. I read blogs, I look at trends, I analyze things. It's just my priorities have changed a bit. Rather than staying glued to the PC all the time (my job requires me to gaze at the monitor for 8 to 9 hours per day) I prefer to focus on myself when I get the chance. 
Alright, enough rambling, I have a job to attend to.

 Have a positive end of the week and enjoy everything life has to offer you - even if it seems insignificant.

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 Wearing: Zara cardigan and shirt, New Yorker jeans, H&M hat, New Look bag, Bershka shoes